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CCS Workshop 2007
Financing CCS Workshop, June 2007, London UK

Workshop on Financing Carbon Capture and Storage Projects, Dr John Topper
Possible Regulatory Options for the UK Government to enable CCS Projects, Dr Jeff Chapman
Incentivizing CCS through market based mechanisms, Gerhard Mulder, Jos Cozijnsen
Policy Options for incentivising low carbon power generation in different jurisdictions, Adam Whitmore
Equity and Venture Capital Investment in CCS, Anthony White
Options for managing liability in CCS projects, Matt Elkington
Commercial-scale CCS operations, Harry Audus
Mersey & Dee Basins Carbon Capture Scheme Inaugural Discussions, Mark Crowther
Financing a First of a Kind CCS Project based on IGCC, Brian Count
The Clean Coal Advantage, Bob Stobbs
A Norwegian Perspective on Ongoing CCS Projects, Michel Myhre-Nielsen
GHG Markets and CCS – Incentive, Impediment, Irrelevant? Dr. Mark C. Trexler
Demonstrating CCS in Australia - The CO2CRC Otway Project, Dr Peter Cook
Kananaskis, Alberta Meeting, Malcolm Wilson
Incentivising CCS in the EU, Heleen Groenenberg& Heleen de Coninck
Carbon Capture and Storage Projects and Financing, Preston Chiaro

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