Breaking news from the IEA Clean Coal Centre 6th co-firing workshop held in cooperation with Sotocarbo 14-15 September


A key input to this established workshop series was a public announcement by Mr Han Shui, Chief Engineer of  the National Energy Administration of China. He advised that China is planning to include biomass co-firing as part of its efforts to lower the carbon emissions intensity for the coal power generation sector while improving air quality. During the 13th Five Year plan (2016-2020), the intention is to establish a series of large scale demonstration projects on coal fired power plants to determine the applicability of various co-firing techniques to the Chinese situation. In addition, he stressed the importance of international industrial cooperation to build on experience gained from existing large scale projects, and on the need for collaborative R&D activities to develop innovative feedstocks and processing systems. A guidance document to this effect is expected to be issued by end 2016.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre has agreed with the National Energy Administration that it will work closely with the Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute of China to organize a special 7th co-firing workshop during 2017 as a means to identify promising international cooperation opportunities. As well as technical issues, such a meeting will include detailed consideration of how best to put in place an enabling environment for co-firing. Issues to be addressed will include policy deliberations, regulations and standards, financing, and means for definitive monitoring and verification of biomass utilisation within the coal fired power plants.

All attendees at the 6th workshop will receive details about this special event as and when they have been determined by EPPEI and IEACCC. Any industrial organization or collaborative research enabler who was not at the workshop but would like to know more is encouraged to send their contact details to:
Dr Andrew Minchener OBE
General Manager IEA Clean Coal Centre <[email protected]>