Dr Andrew Minchener visits China

Dr Andrew Minchener, General Manager of the IEA CCC attended the Eco-Forum in Guiyang, China in July and a number of related events. His visit generated considerable press interest; some of the links are listed here.

Andrew featured on the Guizhou TV news on 11 July.

And the CCTV English news channel on 10 July

On 15 July he was on Guiyang TV news

Andrew also contributed to a number of articles in the Chinese press:

Andrew Minchener: UK and Guizhou will have a bright future in clean coal collaboration,
Guizhou Daily,
Andrew Minchener: will have in-depth collaborations on clean coal in Guiyang,
Guiyang Daily
Andrew Minchener’s op-ed on clean coal.
China Energy News