MEC 13 Krakow – that’s a wrap!

MEC 13 is over but it won’t be forgotten for a while. The workshop dinner on Tuesday night sponsored by Cabot and Tekran was a real bonus; a delightful evening and great networking.

The final morning of MEC 13 was a session on new and novel technologies, which included approaches for particulate and mercury control for both coal and coke plants. All the presentations from the workshop will be available on the MEC 13 website within 2 weeks for those who attended.

The workshop closed with the annual meeting of the United Nations Coal Partnership. The IEA Clean Coal Centre has been lead on this initiative for over 10 years, managing workshops and demonstration projects around the world. We are now entering an exciting new phase with potential new projects being funded by the Global Environment Facility in emerging economies. It is likely that the IEA Clean Coal Centre will be acting as the communication and information outreach facility for this new venture.


As MEC closed for another year, many delegates headed to Krakow market, to the castle or ultimately to the airport. However, an intrepid group of 20 headed towards the local coal-fired CHP plant for a site visit. The plant provides district heat in the winter and electricity continually to the city. It is fitted with ESPs, FGD and deNOx systems and, as the delegates will attest, is one of the cleanest sites many have visited. The view from the platform over Krakow was stunning. The view from the inside of the lift which broke down with 8 of us inside in the growing midday heat – not so much! The site of the door being prised open by a smiling member of the plant staff was more than welcome.

And so MEC has closed for another year. The 2019 meeting is likely to take place in SE Asia. However, we are open to suggestions for host countries – please get in touch.