Climatic change – modelling and measurement, IEAPER/38

The background of coal’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is summarised briefly and the main factors involved in climatic change are outlined. Information published in 1996-97 is reviewed on modelling and measurement of climatic change as well as its detection and attribution. The validation and evaluation of climate models is discussed with respect to representation of the climatic system and its variability. The observation of climatic change includes directly measured temperature trends, temperatures derived from proxy records, sea level, cloud cover and precipitation measurements. Improved and more widespread long term observations are required on climatic change. There is confidence that a global warming trend is in progress. However there is little confidence in the regional effects projected by models.


Title: Climatic change – modelling and measurement, IEAPER/38
Author(s): Deborah Adams, Irene Smith
Reference: IEAPER/38
ISBN: 92-9029-299-7
Publication Date: 01/12/1997
Pages: 60
Figures: 11
Tables: 8