Coal projected to be India’s largest source of power in 2040: World Coal Association

Coal is projected to remain the largest single source of electricity in India in 2040, according to Michelle Manook, Chief Executive, World Coal Association. She said that coal will continue to play a vital role in supporting intermittent renewable energy sources to underpin infrastructure development and industrialization.

“India is choosing to prioritize economic growth enabled by a resilient energy mix, inclusive of coal and clean coal technologies,” Michelle said, adding a pragmatic and collaborative focus from international governments, industry, and investors is needed to ensure policies are in place to support the deployment of clean technologies.

“An Upcoming Coal Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) report, ‘A Pathway to reducing emissions from coal power in India, provides a model for wider development and deployment of efficient, clean coal technologies in India to meet environmental goals,” Michelle added.

The association represents industry leaders, committed to building a sustainable future for coal and playing an active role in achieving our worldwide economic and environmental aspirations.