IEA Clean Coal Centre



Our members

The IEA Clean Coal Centre has two categories of participants:

Contracting parties can be governments or entities nominated by them. They can also be international organisations in which governments participate.

Current contracting parties are: Australia, the European Commission, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Africa, and the USA.

We have a range of sponsors. They are: Anglo American, BHEL, Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry (BRICC),  Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI) of China, and SUEK.

Information about each of our members can be found in the membership directory.

Membership profile

Our membership has a range of depth and character which means there is a great networking potential within the IEA Clean Coal Centre. While most, but not all, of the contracting parties belong to the OECD, the sponsor organisations are primarily from non-OECD countries, and includes include utilities, coal companies, equipment and services suppliers and research organisations.

Executive Committee

The members of the IEA Clean Coal Centre contribute annually to a common fund to finance the activities of the programme. At the twice yearly Executive Committee meetings the members determine the administrative and financial policies and select the studies programme. The Executive Committee comprises representatives from each member, each with a single vote at the meetings. Currently, Scott Smouse of the USA is Chair of the Executive Committee with Noel Simento of Australia as the Vice Chair. The ExCo meeting is a great opportunity for international networking, to hear about clean coal developments first-hand from range of experts, and to decide the work programme of the Centre.


For more information about the IEA Clean Coal Centre and participation, please contact:

Dr. Andrew Minchener OBE
General Manager

Telephone +44 (0)20 3905 3870