Hybrid carbon capture systems, CCC/204

In most discussions of systems for capturing CO2 from coal-fired power plants, three options are described. These are:

post-combustion capture;
oxyfuel combustion;
pre-combustion capture.

Recently, some researchers have realised that it may be possible to pick and choose among the elements of the main CO2 capture systems and develop hybrid systems which are possibly cheaper and more energy efficient. The systems to be discussed in this brief survey include:

post-combustion capture with oxygen enriched combustion;
regenerable sorbents (calcium looping) with oxyfuel combustion;
post-combustion capture in IGCC plants;
gasification with oxyfuel;
gasification with chemical looping.

Most hybrid systems are at a very early stage of development compared with the conventional methods with much of the research aimed at evaluation or modelling.


Title: Hybrid carbon capture systems, CCC/204
Author(s): Robert M Davidson
Reference: CCC/204
ISBN: 978-92-9029-526-6
Publication Date: 01/09/2012
Pages: 25
Figures: 13
Tables: 2