The IEA at COP25

As we have every year since the first international climate conference, the IEA will be participating in the UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, which kicks off today in Madrid under the presidency of Chile.

The energy sector produces the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions, putting it at the heart of the climate change challenge. This is a key priority for the IEA: our data, analysis and solutions provide support and guidance for countries in their energy transitions. That includes decarbonising electricity, boosting innovation, tackling difficult sectors such as cooling and chemicals, and developing integrated policies.

Through the World Energy Outlook’s Sustainable Development Scenario, we describe a pathway that is fully compliant with the goals of the Paris Agreement while also maintaining a strong focus on the reliability and affordability of energy for a growing global population.

IEA leaders and experts will be participating in events throughout the two weeks of COP25. A focal point for us will be 10 December, which the Chilean Presidency of COP25 has designated as Energy Day. Our Executive Director, Dr Fatih Birol, will give a scene-setting presentation and serve as a moderator for the Ministerial Plenary Meeting that day. For more information, visit our dedicated COP25 page.